Must Have: Anorak & Utility Jackets

This image popped up in my Instagram feed yesterday and I (like everyone else who commented, it seems) immediately thought, "I WANT THAT JACKET." Inspired, I spent a while looking around the Internet for anorak jackets. It wasn't hard to find several that I think are adorable - cute anorak and utility jackets are everywhere this fall. Here are some of my favorites, all under $50:

row one: Anorak Jacket, $21.69 || Snap-Zip Jacket, $49.99 || Canvas Utility Jacket, $27.96
row two: Anorak Windbreaker, $44.99 || Cotton Utility Jacket, $49 || Cotton Jacket, $49.95
row three: Hooded Utility Jacket, $32.80 || Quilted Anorak, $34.96 || Cotton Military Jacket, $15

Any that you would buy? And if you don't mind me asking, how much are you usually willing to spend on a jacket? Even though they're good investment pieces and styles are consistent from year to year, I personally have a hard time spending more than $40 or $50. Tell me I'm not alone.

By fashion contributor Mary.


  1. You're definitely not alone! $60 tops & that includes winter costs which get a lot of use in my neck of the woods.

    These are adorable! Tip right is especially cute.

    1. Thanks! That one on the top right (and the bottom middle) are 30% off today and tomorrow - you should go for it!

  2. Usually around $50 for me too! I'll spend a little more on Anoraks but less on utility jackets--I try to aim for $30 for the latter. Love the picks!


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