A Picture Is Worth {No. 26}

By fashion contributor Mary.

Okay, so I know that every week I say that that week's inspiration image is one of my all-time favorites. I say that about every image I post about, and actually every time it's true (I have a lot of favorites). But this week, the inspiration image is really truly honestly in my top five favorites. I've been searching for a look alike to this top for months, and I finally found one.

That (amazing) sweater is from Madewell, but it's currently sold out. Luckily, Old Navy made a tee that's almost identical for EIGHT DOLLARS. Check it out:

clutch, $26.98 || top, $8 || jeans, $27.99 || watch, $18.80 || boots, $34.94

o p t i o n s
similar tops: one || two || three || four || five
boots: from Charlotte Russe || from H&M || from Urban Outfitters || from DSW

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  1. Mary, I'm dying! This is just too spot on. I can hardly take it.

    1. Plus Old Navy is offering an extra 30% off with code HOORAY today only. Killer deal.


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