Inspired: J.Crew Factory {Fall Looks}

One of the hardest parts of shopping for a changing season (for me, at least) is that I feel like I need to buy new everything. With fall, it's usually twenty new sweaters, two new jackets and six more pairs of shoes, at least four pairs of pants and probably ten or twelve other things I don't think of until I see them in a store. It's not a very healthy or inexpensive way to shop, and I could certainly benefit from being more organized.

I'm in love with J. Crew Factory's Outfit Obsessions right now. Going through the looks helps me see how I could use items that are already in my closet, and which pieces I might like to add when I go shopping. They even use the same pieces in multiple outfits to emphasize how versatile they are. (I like the style shown in these looks better than J. Crew's Looks We Love; I think they're more accessible, and of course they're more affordable.)

Click here to get outfit details, or check out the budget-friendly options below (all under $50, most under $40):

denim jacket, $29.80 || pencil skirt, $22.99 || graphic sweatshirt, $21.99 || black skinnies, $21.99
wool baseball cap, $29.50 || printed shirtdress, $39.97 || silver shoes, $48 || striped tee, $39.49
sweatpants, $30.96 || leather-trim sweatshirt, $34.49 || distressed jeans, $20.99 || statement necklace, $39.95
plaid button-up, $17.80 || patterned pumps, $49.95 || zipper jacket, $39.99 || white jeans, $19.99

By fashion contributor Mary.


  1. I love these fashion ideas! Thanks for sharing and especially great price points! I love the top middle!

    1. Thanks, Kaolee! I love the top middle too; it's so sophisticated but also fun!


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