A Picture Is Worth {No. 23}

By fashion contributor Mary.

I'm currently in a very determined state of denial. I love summer, and the idea that fall is just around the corner is so sad to me that I'm choosing not think about it at all. I mean, It's August! August is a summer month! Our family still has our annual beach trip coming up! Summer can't be close to ending yet.

However, all of the clothing catalogs that have made their way into my mailbox recently have all featured fall clothing, and in the back of my mind I've been evaluating new purchases: will this transition well into cooler weather? This week's inspiration image is such a great transitional outfit. The feel is still totally summer, but the long skirt and jacket (click the above link for more pictures) would work well in an autumn wardrobe.

Here's my version on a budget, for just under $125:

purse, $28 || top, $35 || skirt, $37 || sunglasses, $3.80 || sandals, $21

o p t i o n s
purse: one || two || three
sandals: for $30 || for $37 || for $43 || for $48

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