American Eagle Clearance

American Eagle isn't a store I shop at a lot. I think that's because part of my personal code includes a clause that states that I cannot spend more than $40 dollars on much of anything, let alone on heavily distressed denim. Having said that, they do have stuff that's a little less casual, and they are having a sale. Also, I have a coupon to get 20% off your entire order (Coupon Code: 49164172) Find more coupon codes at Dealigg.

Here are some of my favorites:

Belted Pea Coat w/ discount $39.96 from $49.95 (orig. $119.50)

White Out Sweater w/ discount $15.96 from $19.95 (orig. $49.50)

Ruffle Pocket Cardigan w/ discount $9.56 from $11.95 (orig. $29.50)

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


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