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Recently, I received this message from Coral:

I am reluctant to order things online because I have such a hard time finding clothes that fit me in stores. You've mentioned ordering tall at Old Navy and I was wondering if the sleeves on long sleeved items are longer? I have ape arms and have SUCH a hard time finding cute things that fit. Like cardigans.

Any ideas for clothing brands that have LONG sleeves? (Preferably affordable, of course.) I don't even have a coat that fits me well!

I will be the first to admit, I am not an expert on this as I am 5'-2".

I have read feedback at from taller individuals saying that the tall sizing offers a longer torso as well as longer sleeves.

(Go to fit guide here. You can compare measurements to the traditional sizes there.)

Do you guys know of any other sources of apparel that offers tall sizing or at least that seem to have long sleeves?

Leave your wisdom below.


  1. I would check with J. Crew. It's a more expensive brand, but they have good sales and it would last forever. I used to work there and their cuts are for more tall, lanky people. I know they have tall fits.

    Also, they have fit specialists in their stores whose job it is to find something that fits well. Even if you didn't buy something right away, they should be able to help you find something that works great.

  2. ha! this is my lifelong struggle (although i have more problems with torso and leg length than with sleeve length). i have recently resigned to embracing the 3/4 sleeve or "not quite to my wrists" look.

    gap seems to cater well to tall people, though, which makes me think that ON's tall sizes will be long enough.

  3. I always have problems with pants and torso length as well, (sometimes sleeve problems) and so I usually end up finding good things from jcrew, charlotte russe, express (though lately they have been shrinking their clothes), banana republic, new york and company, and sometimes old navy

  4. I'm 5' 11" and have had this problem most of my life!! I like Gap and Old Navy tall sizes. They are longer in the arm, as well as in other ways, like the sizing charts say. Banana Republic has tall sizes, too, and have decent prices in clearance. Makes sense, though, they're all Gap companies. One thing I sometimes do (if I'm not feeling lazy) is get a size or two up so it's a little bit longer, and then tailor the width so it's thinner. Also, the stretchy long t-shirts by Shade and Down East Basics have fairly long sleeves. I also kind of like the look of a long sleeve t-shirt under a regular length jacket. It shows a little more of the sleeve. But that's just me. I do like longer sleeves on jackets when I can afford the taller sizes!


  5. Just to agree with the above comments, Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic are my faves (I'm 5'11"). When there isn't free shipping I get cranky about placing orders online, but with these companies it will usually be offered at some point if you can wait a bit (at least with $75 purchase, etc). And at least they're places where returns are generally easy! I do have JCrew and Victoria's Secret coats in tall sizes from back in high school, but since then I've somehow been able to make due with "normal" sized coats. Talls would always be preferred, though! Good luck, Coral :)

  6. Check out which is for tall women in general- longer inseams, etc. Good luck!

  7. Hmm, my sister-in-law is 5'2" or shorter, but has the same problem - super long arms. I don't think she has found a place to solve her problems - she just stretches the arms on all her shirts. Good luck!

  8. Thank you for all the tips! I usually end up stretching my sleeves out as much as I can...but then I get the wierd baggy-ness under my arms. I will definitely be doing some shopping around!

  9. I also have tall arms (on a petite torso), and it's a big struggle to get sleeves that fit.

    Gap tall garments do have long enough sleeves for me. I've noticed J. Jill also has talls although I haven't tried them yet.

    The sleeves on J. Crew regular sizes are not quite long enough for me, but they come close. They do have tall sizes, too, but not much selection.

    One thing I've learned when shopping online - look for sites that tell you the length of the garment. That will give you some idea of the sleeve length, and you can figure out how long the garment has to be for the sleeves to theoretically fit.

    Check out Nordstrom - they give garment length, and their cardigans have nice long sleeves -- the junior ones, anyway, haven't tried the adult sizes yet. One thing I've noticed, more expensive clothes tend to have longer sleeves. Junior clothes also seem to have longer sleeves? maybe because girls are getting taller? Or maybe just because the "boyfriend" style is in now.

    The biggest secret is to embrace three-quarter sleeves and/or rolling up sleeves. I resisted it for years but finally I'm going along with it because it makes life easier.


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