I Could Do That: Kate Spade Tank

I love to DIY. I constantly look at expensive clothes trying to figure out how to get that look for less (obviously, I write this little blog here). So, when I combine the two, using sewing modifications to make an inexpensive garment into something fabulous, I get really excited. I come up with ideas to make these looks for less all the time, but I don't always follow through (I do work full time and write this blog). So rather than share a tutorial when I am done, I thought when I come up with one of these ideas, I would share my thought process, so if one of you happens to get ambitious, you can take advantage.

So, for my first 'I could do that' I wanted to talk about this Kate Spade tank. I saw it on a feature over at Mary's Wishlist, and fell in love with it.

With a Twist Striped Rosette Tank - Kate Spade - $175

I, personally would rather have the shirt with sleeves, so my version will be a bit different. Here goes:

Striped Through Tunic - Forever 21 - $11.80

This process would work similarly if you bought two of the same kind of shirt and cut up the second to make the rosette. You would just have to find an amazing deal on those two shirts to make it worth it.

So, what do you guys think? Are you willing to take on a DIY to get the look you crave? Do you like the Kate Spade tank? Leave a comment!

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Happy Shopping!


  1. I love it! There are a few tutorials on how to spice up a boring shirt on www.tearosehome.blogspot.com that I've been doing the past few days and they're really a lot easier than they look! great post!

  2. What a great feature! I do this all the time -- think, "someone could easily make that," but then never do it myself. I should be more crafty.

    Let us know if anyone follows through with this idea!


  3. Great idea. I'm not into sewing too much. I always find stuff I think I can make but then never do. I don't follow through either.

  4. Let's just say that even though I'm thinnish, putting a big rosette in the middle of my belly would only accentuate the two parts of my body that are not as firm as I'd like them to be. Three kids and all. But I love the idea of DIY and am going to try some rosettes in a less conspicuous locale.

  5. I do alot of sewing and when I saw that top the other day, I had the same thought: I can do that myself. Thanks for sharing the idea of buying a shirt and cutting it up. That is about how much fabric would cost and at least with a shirt, the sleeves and neckline are already done.

  6. this is a fab idea!!! only if i had the time and sewing skills.

  7. That's awesome! It's such a great idea. I just wish I knew how to sew better.. I'd probably mess this up!


  8. super super cute! i totally want to try it! i also am going to try the tea rose top you posted a couple days ago this week


  9. Oh that is adorable! I'd like to say I would definitely DIY, but I have the same problem - constantly seeing expensive things and thinking, "oh that's so simple, I could do it in a hour!" but then never following through.

    Last time I did DIY, I made my own version of some PJs I saw at Free People.

  10. OOh, I may have to do that, great idea!! I really like that shirt.

  11. I made it. Visit my blog for a post about it: thechicchauffeur.blogspot.com

    Thanks for the great idea!!!!! Love your blog!

  12. I did the same thing to a plain white cotton shirt that I bought from a rummage sale. It was still in great condition, but it was large so I had to alter it and then a huge rosette. Awesome!


    Adin B

  13. What a great idea! But do you have any links that show those of us lacking in craftiness how to actually make the rosette?


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