Holiday Dresses? Already!?

I got an email request from Angela awhile back, asking for a little accessorizing help for an upcoming holiday party. She couldn't find a modest cocktail dress that wasn't black, so she sent me a few sleeveless options with some more pizazz, wondering what to wear with them in order to maintain the formal/semi-formal feel.

Here are the dress options (all from Overstock) she sent to me:

1 - Ellen Tracy Women's Sleeveless Stretch Satin Dress - $59.99
2 - Cachet Women's Silver Beaded Neck Dress - $114.99
3 - Suzi Chin Sweetheart Dress - $84.99

For fun, I have a little poll to the right, so tell us which dress is your favorite. (My favorite is #2, isn't that neckline to die for?)

Next, she was wondering what to pair it with to keep it modest. My go-to modesty-maker is always the cardigan. There are a million shapes, colors, and cuts, so they can work with anything, in my humble opinion.

Here are a few options I think would work well with a nice dress:

1 - Women's Embellished Faux-Gem Cardigan (in white & black) - Old Navy - $34.50
2 - Beaded Cardigan (in black) - Charlotte Russe - $28.99
3 - Liz Claiborne Crew Neck Cardigan (in black, grey, & pink) - Macy's - $18.74 (Orig. $38.99)
4 - Cardigan (in white) - Old Navy - $26.50

(I would pair #3 Cardigan with #2 Dress)

How about some shoes?

1 - Kate Flower D'Orsay Pump - Payless Shoesource - $26.99
2 - Jane T-Strap Sandal - Payless Shoesource - $24.99
3 - Jade Satin Knot Slingback - Payless Shoesource - $26.99

What do you all think? What's your favorite combo? Do you have a holiday soiree to attend? Do you know what you are wearing? Me either. Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


  1. these are really pretty--i especially love metallics with that gorgeous purple dress!

  2. I have to say, I'm not a fan of the cardigan over formal look. I'd prefer some sort of cover-up made from a similar material as the dress. I love this dress from Shabby Apple. No cover-up needed.

  3. Downeast Basics has two dresses with sleeves coming out in their holiday collection. Both are very cute! I think it's always nice to have a sweater or wrap on a cold night. Wish I had a party to go to!

  4. I bought the first pair of pumps from payless, they are even cuter in person...and I bought them with that Oprah 50% off coupon that was valid in 10/30. So even better deal!! And I like the #2 dress and #3 sweater.

  5. All of these picks are gorgeous!! I,however, adore dress#3; and I would pair it with cardi #2 (for a little glam) with heels #3.

    You have given me so great idea for my holiday dress- thank you! :)


  6. love the silver dress. oh to have a place to go in that! the kids might think i was a bit over dressed if i showed up to their christmas concert in that:0)

  7. I like the first and third shoes! They look very J.Crew!

  8. Gorgeous. Probably would wear dress 1 in black with cardi 2 and shoe 3.

  9. I love #1 in raspberry, so daring!


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