Community Knowledge: Mens Bargain Fashion

I got an email recently from Jared looking for some help,

"Your blog doesn't cover men's fashion at all! Where do you suggest we go?"

First, I had no idea that fellas other than my dad, brother, and husband ever read this blog. So, let me say Hi Fellas, if any of you are still reading.

I will be the first to admit that I am not an expert on men's clothes, for one obvious reason, I am not a man. I do on occasion shop for my husband, but I was wondering if any of you know of some great resource similar to my blog, for the men folk.

Or if you want to leave your best resources on finding men's clothes for reasonable prices, I am sure we'd love to read those too!

Leave your wisdom below.


  1. NICE men's clothes are hard to find. Especially when your man is as skinny as a stick. Then I suggest H&M and American Apparel (some tshirts can be found at Uptown Cheapskate). Levi's 514 straight jeans are good too. Those are the only places my husband can buy clothes... That's all I've got! :)

  2. I'm an Old Navy fan for men (not as much for women). My boyfriend is 6'4", and many things come in "talls" online. Some of their dress shirts are definitely work or "going out" appropriate.

  3. Not to be a total lame-o plugging my blog, but I post about menswear. Since I spend so much time shopping for men for work, it's something I know a bit about. Dressing men is all in the details and the cut of the garments even more than it is for women. Anway, if you stop by my blog and search "meanswear" you'll see a few posts for guys.

  4. Have you heard of for women? Well apparently they just started a men's version (deals up to 80% off) - :)

    I've snagged a few good finds on the women's site, and the men's looks promising!


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