Reader Request: Hooded Raincoat

I got this request from Amy:

I live in Oregon where it is often rainy at least part of the day during fall, winter, and spring. I need a raincoat, but I don't want to be wearing something totally utilitarian. I would like a stylish, water-resistant coat with a hood. And I'd love for it to cost around $50. Any ideas?

I don't own a raincoat. I live in Utah where it rains just a few times a month (and often it's in the middle of the night). I hadn't thought about posting about raincoats on a budget. So, this was a great opportunity to try something new. (And I might add it was a real challenge to find cute rain coats with a hood. In fact I only found one that I really like, and am posting some other cute raincoats sans hood.)

Check out the goods:

1 - Croft & Barrow® Hooded Raincoat - Kohl's - $53.99 (Orig. $120.00)
2 - Jheri Richards Raincoat - Sierra Trading Post - $59.95 (Orig. $265.00)
3 - Gallery Women's Hooded Raincoat - eCrater - $60 (Orig. $140.00)
4 - Lands' End Women's Regular SunShower Raincoat - Sears - $79.50
5 - Free Country® Reversible Jacket - Kohl's - $39.99 (Orig. $80.00)
6 - ABS Silver Label Women's Poly-filled Heavy Satin Raincoat - Overstock - $64.99

My favorite hooded raincoat is #3, and my fav hoodless jacket is #6. What are your favs? Do you own a raincoat? Does it get a lot of use? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


  1. I love #4 -- the pattern is so cute!

    My raincoat (which I use all the time -- I think it rained for the entire month of October here in NC) is yellow. I like to be sunny when it's cloudy outside.

  2. I love #6 too! The back is so wonderful.

  3. Thanks, M! I can't believe you and I both picked out #4. It's actually on clearance right now and SUCH a cute pattern. However, I can't justify a raincoat without a hood, since I always have too much stuff (aka kids) to carry an umbrella. So I might try to find something like #3. It's a little more structure, which is cute. Thanks for fulfilling my request!

  4. I love the pattern on number 4 as well. I haven't had a raincoat in ages, but just thinking of one makes me feel like a little kid.


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