Spied: Snakeskin Peeptoes

I wish I were wearing these, right now. Utah's always pretty cold at the beginning of November. And even if the high temp is in the 60's this week, by the time I recieved these in the mail, there is no doubt in my mind that snow would fall, just to spite me.

Anyhoo. Somebody somewhere should be wearing these with ankle cropped pants (sigh):

Kelly & Katie Wavy Peep Toe Pump - DSW - $29.94 (Orig. $69.00)


  1. those are hot! but alas i'm also cursed by Utah weather.

  2. I'm a little in love with these!
    Oprah just had a show on shoe makeovers (and scarves, handbags, and bras!) and snakeskin was featured because it can go with just about anything and really make a blah outfit pop!


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