Reader Request: Pregnancy Transition Tops

I got this email request from Kelsey,

Hi, I absolutely adore your blog! You are a genius. Just wondering if you could help me find some clothes. I'm 5 months prego but not really showing, and I'm wondering if you could find some flowy, baggy...not form fitting tops that are cute! I can't seem to find anything I'm needing! I don't want it to hug my body, cause then I just look like I ate too much :) But I don't want to look like a fatty either. AGHHHHHHHHHH HELP!!!

a.k.a. still wanting to stylish prego

First, how jealous am I that she is hardly showing at 5 months? I have about 3 inches of torso, and am sure this will not be the case for me! Anyhoo, here is what I found for Kelsey.

Pretty Poinsettia Top - Down East Basics - $9.99 (Orig. $24.99) (use coupon code YEAR END)
Perfect Portrait Top - Down East Basics - $10.99 (Orig. $22.99) (use coupon code YEAR END)
Box Pleat Top- Shade Clothing - $14.99 (Orig. $36.50)

Water Painted Floral Top - Forever 21 - $17.80
Whispy Rosette Top - Forever 21 - $17.80
Metallic-Jacquard Gauze Keyhole Top - Old Navy - $10.99 (Orig. $26.50)

Pleated Split-Neck Tunic - Old Navy - $26.50
3/4-Sleeve Tops - Old Navy - $9.99 (Orig. $26.50) {look at the 'tall' sizes, more color options are available, and it will allow for more panel coverage}
Gauze Shirt - Old Navy - $9.99, $7.99 (Orig. $24.50) {same tip as above with 'tall' sizes}

What do you think of my picks? Have any pregnancy clothing transition tips to share? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!


  1. Ooh I am loving your picks, they are making me kind of wish I was pregnant. LOL I LOVE the Whispy Rosette Top from Forever 21- it is gorgeous!

  2. I love the floral prints! I have a goal to wear more PRINTS this year. That's my way to be bold, I guess. Good choices.

  3. thank you!!!!! Guess I better go shopping :)


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