Old Navy: Extra 50% off Clearance

On Friday, I lost my wallet. In retracing my steps I ended up back at the restaurant where I ate lunch (where they had located my wallet, thank goodness). On my happy stroll back to the car, wallet in tow, I spied one of my favorite retail signs around, plastered in the Old Navy windows:

My husband and I went on what is best described as a 'spree'. The men's section was especially good this time (I am talking pants for $3-$10 and sweaters from $2-$5). The women's section was also good, it was just picked over in the smaller sizes. If you happen to wear M-XXL, please go down there and find a killer deal in my place, k? Oh and hunt the store for sneakily placed clearance items, they seemed to be in places other than just where you would think.

Also, Gigi over at Gigi's Gone Shopping mentioned in her post about this Old Navy sale, some hints for the coupons at Old Navy Weekly (I've written about this here). So, you could really get an amazing deal, if you stop by and get a coupon before you go.

Today is the last day for this sale, so don't wait.

Let me know if you find any sweet deals!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping.


  1. I purchased a ruffle cardigan, a satin ribbon trimmed cardi, a knit, crochet-placket swingy top, a tropical print tank, and a embroidered shirt, all for $22!

  2. scored some cute stuff for my little one and a top for me. our store was really picked through but i guess that's what you get for going on the last day. :)

  3. I was so excited that I found so many thing in my size (XXL) I totally scored, got so many things & only spent like $50. Best deals were a top for $1.49, a dress $3.12 & a great sweater $9.99. I think it I went a little crazy and bought more than I should but I couldn't resist!


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