Spied: ON Ruffle Neck Cardigan

Holy smokes! I was just wandering around the Old Navy website and lookie what I found:

Want. Need. Must Have.

The best part? The new batch of subtle colors! Every time I go in the store I shake my head at the brightness of every item, and they finally toned it down just in time for my favorite new Old Navy item since... the ruffle neck tee? I like a ruffle, so sue me.

Judging on the fabulousness of this, if you want one, run (don't walk) to your nearest Old Navy.

Ruffle Neck Cardigan - Old Navy - $26.50

Happy Shopping!


  1. Such a cute cardigan!

    I agree with you about subtle colors. {However, "cream of artichoke"? I like the actual color, but that is not a good color name. It sounds sogross.}

  2. i have GOT to quit coming over here! dang....those are fantastic!

  3. @Mary

    Cream of artichoke is my favorite, I mean because it's ridiculous... haha.

    I think I like hint of mint best.


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