Inspired: J.Crew for Spring

I do not generally pine for spring. Not because I don't like spring (it's amazing) but in this neck of the woods spring last about 7.4 seconds and we rush right on to the hot & humid summer.

What I am excited for are springy styles. Pinks, pastels, and prints, oh my!

I'm especially loving the sheen & structure J.Crew is showing. And how about that striped wrap pencil skirt? So chic.


  1. Love the floral pencil skirt and striped top together! Can't wait for bare leg weather! Thanks for the post!

  2. Love the last bow tie dress. But I know I can't afford it. Great picks. NEver shopped at J Crew before

  3. Oh, that floral pencil skirt with the striped tee...SO cute! I love looking at J. Crew and Madewell looks.

    2ndhand Knowledge: A Style Blog

  4. I love that second skirt on the top row, but I fear it will sell out before going on sale.

  5. I'm not generally a big fan of pastels but I do like the lines of the clothes, especially the pencil skirts with something more casual like a t-shirt or lightweight sweatshirt. Also I love the way they did this model's makeup, if you look at a close up on the website or catalog.

  6. Where is that last dress from? I've been in search of a red polka dot dress like that for a long time!! Or maybe some less expensive options?


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