A Picture Is Worth {No. 11}

By fashion contributor Mary.

Here's the thing, you guys: I love putting these posts together. Love love love. It's seriously so much fun for me, and it's my favorite when someone tells me they enjoy reading my posts. But every week I dread Tuesday at 10:00 pm, when I sit at my laptop with a post in front of me that's been designed and formatted but not written. The writing is the hardest part. I always feel like such a cheeseball, and more than once I've texted Madeline, "Not my best words this week." And then the emoji with squinty eyes that's showing all its teeth.

It shouldn't be as hard as it is. I'm going to work on writing like you guys are sitting next to me on the couch, watching a rerun of Parks & Rec and eating doughnuts while browsing Pinterest. If that were the case, and I came across this image, I would probably turn to you and say, "I could never pull this outfit off, but I think it's totally elegant and gorgeous." 

I have a hard time with heels - I admitted on Twitter last week that talking to women shorter than I am makes me the most awkward ever, and heels only add to that problem - but I think I might attempt them if I could look this sophisticated, especially if it cost me less than $150:

clutch, $17 || blouse, $39.99 || skirt, $40.76 || necklace, $28 || pumps, $19.99

o p t i o n s
clutch: one || two || three
necklace: for $10.99 || for $29.95 || for $45


  1. Mary! You would totally rock this look! And wear the heels, own your wonderful height for all of us shorties who only dream! I'll watch the kids so you can go out on the town with Christian.

  2. I have a hard time with super tall heels and walking down the halls at church looking down on most of the men in our ward. That's when I start hunching over because bad posture makes everything better ;)

  3. fab! those heels are a bit too vixen for my style, but i love the rest!!

  4. I love this collection and the heels! I'm 5'9" and have always loved heels for what they do for my legs and my confidence, but I somewhat unconsciously and somewhat consciously gave up wearing heels to church and on dressy dates when I was in my last relationship because we were the same height barefooted. When I wore my 4-inch heels that I was used to wearing people were always making comments about my height or quips at him about being short when we were standing next to each other. After our relationship ended, I pulled out my heels again, and, no joke, I felt like I had to learn to walk in them again. I felt so awkward for a while.


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