A Picture Is Worth {No. 13}

By fashion contributor Mary.

Here's the thing about Tumblr: I hate it. I hate it and I hate it and I hate it. Part of the reason (or all of the reason) I hate Tumblr is that I'm fastidious about finding the original sources of images on the Internet so I can cite them properly, and Tumblr is the place where original sources go to die. Everyone's just re-posting everything from everyone else. It's anarchy. (Pinterest isn't perfect either, but at least it isn't total chaos.)

This week's image is one of my all-time favorites. Natalie is gorgeous and hilarious and I've been following her blog since I've been following blogs. But I can't for the life of me find the original source of this image. Pinterest leads me to this Tumblr account, a reverse Google image search takes me to several different travel Pinterest boards (I'm not sure what about this image screams travel - the bag? the hat?), and a search of Natalie's blog leads me to this post, which looks like it should contain the image but doesn't. It's all a huge headache, and of course I blame Tumblr.

Let's focus on the positive, though, shall we? This outfit is pretty dreamy. I love that it's brimming with interest - stripes, pleats, texture, a floral print, a pop of color - it's just perfect. And here I've recreated the outfit on a budget:

hat, $12.95 || bag, $40 || tee, $45 || skirt, $39 || belt, $18.84 || pumps, $44.99

o p t i o n s
skirt: for $38 || for $54 || for $55

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  1. LOVE THIS. This outfit has been a loooong time favorite. As has Natalie!

    Loving these, Mary!

  2. Gorgeous outfit! And I love Natalie as well :)


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