A Picture Is Worth {No. 14}

By fashion contributor Mary.

When it comes to getting dressed in the morning, I have a simple formula. I use it every day. High waisted denim leggings in a dark wash + a top with some kind of interest + this necklace. Since my goal is to get ready (dressed, with makeup on, teeth brushed, and my Instagram feed checked) in under ten minutes, this formula works for me. It's easy, if sometimes a little monotonous.

So I'm always impressed when someone turns my formula on its head and goes for the statement pant. This week's image isn't a look that I would feel comfortable in, but I think it looks incredible on other women (see also: dramatically high heels, bracelets, leather leggings, and structured jackets). I especially love how she's paired floral pants with a floral shoe - it kind of screams "I'M NOT SHYING AWAY FROM THE FLORAL!" and I think it's amazing.

Here's my own version for under $150 (yeesh, floral shoes are expensive!):

sunglasses, $5 || clutch, $19.99 || t-shirt, $19.99 || pants, $28.99 || necklace, $22 || pumps, $49.95

o p t i o n s
necklace: one || two || three || four || five || six
pumps: for $39.95 || for $49.98 || for $59.95 || for $65.99 (the originals!)


  1. Love the idea of florals together- I'm willing to try in real life, too. Maybe.

    BTW- totally agree with you about super tall heels and bracelets. I'm 5-11 and wear heels, but I draw the line at 4 inches ;) And I banished all of my bracelets to the under-sink cabinet because I just wash my hands wayyy too much to wear them any more. And they hurt my arms when I hold my baby, which is all the time.


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