DIY: Nursing Bra

If you think finding a bra that fits correctly is tough, try finding a nursing bra that fits. It's so hard. The sizes are limited, the styles are weird. After two babies and almost 3 years of wearing a nursing bra, I was fed up. I finally found a few bras (this and this) that fit me well at my local Nordstrom Rack and I got to work.

Let's get started:

w  h  a  t    y  o  u    n  e  e  d

nursing bra clasps - A&B (I took mine from an old nursing bra but they can be purchased here)
ribbon or elastic - C
and a bra that fits like a glove

w  h  a  t    t  o    d  o  

1 . cut the straps an inch above the connection at the front of the bra
2 . sew the strap (E) to clasp (B)
3 . sew the strap (D) to clasp (A)
4 . sew the ribbon (C) to the bottom of clasp (A)
5 . determine the length of ribbon (C) needed. sew ribbon to the interior of the bra.

It's actually a really quick process & I am over the moon with how it turned out. I recommend a soft cup bra although it will work a formed cup bra as well.

Have you ever made your own nursing bra? Are you ready to get started?


  1. You are a genius! Totally doing this! Thanks so much!

  2. I've never been able to find a nursing bra that worked for me. With this baby, I've been using a regular bra that hooks in the front... so much better!


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