Anthropologie: The Look for Less

Anthropologie is a store I only go in to look at. It's filled with beautiful quirky things at price tags that literally take my breath away. I find myself perusing their website from time to time to inspire my looks. I found an outfit recently that I liked, and thought I would try to recreate for less. I will disclose this by saying that this task was much more difficult than I anticipated, and even though I spent more hours than I care to count up doing it, I know it's not dead on. Hopefully, it can inspire you anyway!

The Breakdown:

I think the shirt may be my favorite part of the ensemble as well as the hardest part to get right. The Old Navy version is missing many details, but with a $170 price difference, that's something I'll get over.

Uncharted Oceans Top - Anthropologie

Striped Ruffled Placket Shirt - Old Navy

Museum Wings Blouse - Anthropologie

Fuscia Floral Top - LuLu's

These necklaces don't even compare, and I know it. But, I looked and looked and found nothing for less then $40, so I just decided to get something that I thought matched the colors, and was a steal, ta da!

Skystones Necklace - Anthropologie

Tammy Beaded Necklace - Forever 21

Scarlet Dark Vintage Jeans - Anthropologie

Stretch Stitched Pocket Denim - 15 Dollar Store

Frankly, I think these shoes without pants to cover the tops aren't that great. So, I didn't feel bad when I didn't find an exact match. I thought these wedges from Buckle were a fun choice, a similar feel, and honestly, better looking. You can't beat that $165 price difference either!

Jolly Joe Wedges - Anthropologie

Down to Earth Wedges - Buckle

Hope you enjoyed my attempt at this look for less! If you have a look you want to see for less, drop me a line at uberchicforcheap (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


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