Dress for you Body Type

My good friend Erin (who inspired me to write this blog) told me about Cardigan Empire, a great blog written by a personal stylist, with great tips on dressing your sweet little bodies. She has done posts on different body types as well as how to handle the ever changing pregnant body (and the transformed post-partum body). I love what she does, I just want to put a budget spin on it. (Most of her fashion finds are full priced items from Anthropologie.)

The first step in the process is getting measurements.

1. Strip down to your undergarments. Measure while wearing all of the things you usually wear under your clothes. While measuring, keep the tape taut (not too tight, not too loose). This may require asking a friend of an intimate nature (mother, sister, or husband) to help you.

2. Measure your bust - across the fullest part of your of your bosom and straight across the back.

3. Measure your waist (the most narrow part of your body)- somewhere in the vicinity of your navel.

4. Measure your hips - navigate the tape around the fullest part of your bottom, around the curve of your hips, and straight across to the front.

5. Now the calculations:

Divide the hip number by your waist number (hip/waist)
Divide your bust number by your waist number (bust/waist)
Divide your waist number by your hip number (waist/hip)
Divide your waist number by your bust number (waist/bust)

Put these measurements away for the next few weeks coming posts on how to best dress your body on a budget.

{I found these directions here.}


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