DIY: Freezer Paper Stenciling

{image from Artful Parenting}

I have seen blog's mentioning this craft everywhere (including say YES! to Hoboken) so I thought I would pass it along to you.

According to this post from Angry Chicken, it's very simple.


Freezer Paper
Fabric Paint
Something made of fabric

Trace a silhouette on freezer paper and then cut it out with an x-acto knife. Iron it on the fabric. Then, (according to Angry Chicken, this is the key), iron another piece of freezer paper on the inside of the fabric, so the grain of the fabric can't shift and the paint can't soak though the back. She used fabric paint (Jacquard) and dabbed it on. Let it dry over night, heat set it, and you are good to go.

I haven't made this craft yet, but I actually have a basic shirt that I bought at the Down East Warehouse (Don't know what I am talking about? Read this post.) that would be perfect for this.

I think this bird from this DIY post from January, would be the perfect kind of image to use.

If any of you have done this craft, do you have any tips? Leave a comment.

Thanks for reading, and

Happy Crafting!


  1. did you know you can also print pictures from your computer using freezer paper? similar process. iron it to the fabric and then run it through an ink jet printer like a piece of paper. if the project is going to be washed, you should treat the fabric first with something like Bubble Jet Set to keep it from bleeding or fading. It's good for t-shirts or quilts, or something similar.

  2. Megan, I didn't know that. How exactly does it work? Are you putting the printed image directly on the fabric by ironing? Please explain, I am sure everyone wants to know! Thanks for always commenting, so glad to know you are reading!

  3. the freezer paper strengthens the fabric and makes is stiff enough to go through the printer. You put the plain fabric side up (or however you would put in a fresh piece of paper in your printer) so you're printing directly on the fabric. The freezer paper is just used as a stabilizer. does that make more sense? find more detailed instructions here:

  4. Yes, Megan. That toally make sense. Thanks so much for the tip and link!

  5. Yes, I've made a couple projets with this technique the last week. I have instructions here:

    It's so easy, really it is. The paint dries really fast (like a couple minutes) especially if you use a blowdryer after each application. with dark paint on light shirts you only need one or two coats, but with light on dark shirts you might need three or four. good luck!

  6. Liz-

    Your stencil instructions are great. And I LOVE the Manhattan skyline you did! So cute!


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