DIY: Federal Style Tote

I spotted this tote in the editor's picks of March's Domino Magazine (it's rumored that this will be the last ever issue of this well loved magazine.) I have been digging the John Adam's mini series on DVD, and since it is President's Day, I thought I would share a craft, Federal Style.

I actually went to the listed website to find the tote, because $11.95 is a pretty good price. But I couldn't find this product anywhere! I couldn't find anything similar anywhere else either. So, here' a quick DYI.

You can do this craft a couple of ways. You can use the iron on method that I give directions for in this post from January (this link also lists the best places to buy totes.) Or, you can use the Freezer Paper Stencil method posted here just last week. I am supplying an 18th Century Silhouette for you to use.

If any of you complete this craft, send a picture along to uberchicforcheap (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks for reading,

Happy Crafting!


  1. ps I'm TOTALLY a bargain shopper too.

  2. I have totally loved your J.Crew sale posts... they have inspired many a post here.


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