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I found this great article about how to shop in your own closet at Shoe String Magazine.

"Everybody’s feeling it—the Dow is dropping daily, and so is your savings account for a new spring wardrobe. But looking like a million bucks and spending a million bucks are rarely connected. In fact, you're probably more fashionable than you think because there are dozens of outfits in your closet waiting to be discovered, right there among the clothes you already own. While the economy is forcing us to decide between needs and wants, now is the perfect time to get creative, get organized, and look fabulous while embracing the Three R's (reducing, reusing, and recycling) by shopping your own closet." Read the rest of the article here...

A few of my favorite tips from the article were:

Look for Patterns: Do you own five pairs of dark wash jeans (yes!), practically identical in style? Looking for patterns makes you more aware of what you own and ultimately saves money. Next time you're out shopping you can say "no" to those jeans on sale (which is probably how you ended up with the five pairs in the first place)....

Add a Belt: This one of the quickest ways to change an entire look. Many solid-color dresses and even sweaters can benefit from the accessory pop of a belt. Try it high on the waist (great for the petite) or sling it around your hips depending on what's most flattering. (Once you start belting you may not be able to stop!)

Reinvent your accessories: Pull out your jewelry box and start thinking creatively about different ways to utilize the items... Viewing items with fresh eyes and playing the "what if…" game can reinvigorate your clothes and bring fresh life to items that are already at your disposal. Your clothes (and accessories) are meant to socialize with each other. Sometimes our wardrobe combination patterns are so entrenched that it's difficult to break patterns. A good exercise is to take out some basics and see how many combinations can you make with just a few items... Before you know it, you’ve got a bangin' wardrobe, and you haven't spent a cent.

Anyway, please read the full article.... it's chock full of great tips! Do any of you have any tips for saving on or reinventing your wardrobe? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, and Happy Reinventing!


  1. Madeline, I love this blog! How fun, and how appropriate because you always look uber fashionable and beautiful! I love to re-invent what I already own. Usually the easiest way for me to do this is to layer. I like to watch the newscasters and morning talk show outfits to see if there is some great idea that I can take from them and do from what I already have. It is so frustrating to have so much clothing and still nothing to wear so I love to reinvent what I already have because then people say how cute it is and is it new? (Don't you love that?) I'm excited to read more of your posts.

  2. Thanks, Amanda! Excellent point about layering. Also, I love to add new accessories or shoes to outfits. I always feel like that changes the look of the whole outfit. I also love to watch What not to Wear, and watch what Stacy is wearing (as well as what they recommend for the people they are making over!) Anyway, thanks again for reading and your comments!


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