Old Navy Sale on New Arrivals

First, have you done your measurements? I am really excited to start posting on dressing for your body type, but you need to know what your body type is first. So, if you haven't done it, go do it!

Now, on to the post. I know what you are thinking, "Why isn't this blog called I heart Old Navy?" Ok, so I love Old Navy. They have cute styles, reasonable prices, and incredible clearance racks. So, I say it loud and proud, I LOVE OLD NAVY! Anyway. The store is having yet another sale.


Pleated Hem Top $17.15 (orig. $24.50)

Scoop Neck Sweater $10.50 (orig. $15.00)

Ruffle Button-Front Cardigan $17.50 (orig. $25.00)


Small Canvas Hobo $8.75 (orig. $12.50)

Floral Canvas Hobo $11.55 (orig. $16.50)

Pleated Canvas Hobo $11.55 (orig. $16.50)

This sale ends Thurs (2/26). So, if you want some spring items, go grab them! Shop all women's New Arrivals here.

Check back tomorrow for our first Body Type post!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


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