Weekend Round-Up

I have a few sales to mention before the weekend. First, remember the super warehouse sale going on at Shade Clothing this weekend. Read about the details at my earlier post and at the YHO post here.

Next, I read about an amazing sale going on at Plato's Closet at one of the Salt Lake Tribune's blogs, One Cheap Chick. "Resale clothing company Plato's Closet will be having a once-a-year sale on Feb. 7 that's sure to attract scores of bargain hunters along the Wasatch Front. For one day, customers at most of the chain's stores pay just $10 for all the clearance items they can stuff in one shopping bag. The chain, which focuses on teen fashion, has four Utah locations. Check with the one nearest you for details about their sale and their operating hours. If you go, plan to go right when the store opens that day (a little before it opens would be ideal) because within an hour or two there will be little, if any, clearance items left. This is a very popular sale and will probably be even more popular this year given the bad economy."

I have never gone to this store, but have been curious for awhile...

Has anyone been to Plato's Closet? Experienced this yearly sale? Leave a comment!

Thanks for looking, and as always,

Happy Shopping!

PS- I am going to do my own small series Stuff under Twenty today. Check back for posts later on!


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