Body Type: Hourglass

The measurements of the Hourglass Figure are:

Waist / Hip & Waist / Bust ratio of .75 or less and Hip & Bust measurements within about 2" of each other. (These are not hard and fast rules.... if it's close, you are probably in this category)

According to Reachel at Cardigan Empire, the hourglass figure is an illusive thing. Envision the likes of Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, and Lynda Carter. Imagine my surprise that I found out that I am an hourglass (and no, I do not look like Sophia Loren). Each body type has it's own upsides and downsides. Some of the difficult things about dressing an hourglass are the standard short waist and the scarcity of apparel that shares hourglass proportions. If every button on a blouse is closing without pulling, it is sure to billow around the torso (perhaps this is why I have a built-in avoidance for button-up blouses). And to find trousers that comfortably fit both seat and thighs, the waist band consistently gaps.

According to C.E., belts are like duct tape for an hourglass figure, a wardrobe cure-all. (I discovered this on myself several months ago, and put a belt on with nearly everything I wear)

Here are a few items that work well for this shape:

Ruffle Pointelle Top $24.99 from Charlotte Russe

This top might be best for slimmer hour glass figured ladies. I like the cute pointelle pattern and the belted waist.

Safari Wrap Top $22.80 from Forever 21

This top may not have been something I would have been drawn to on its own (although I do harbor some serious love for animal prints). The great thing about this top is the lack of buttons, and the flattering wrap to show the smallest part of your middle.

Boot Cut Jeans $15.00 (orig. $75.00) from 15 Dollar Store

A Boot Cut jean will balance the width of the hip. Look for a curved yoke and a midrise that embraces the narrowness of the waist.

Multi-Colored Tie Front Dress $29.80 from GO Jane.

The pattern on this dress is not for the faint at heart, but if you can pull it off, it will show off all the best parts of your figure.

Plaid Belted Turtleneck Dress $21.80 (orig.$25.99)

Can you say, "Va Va Voom"? Show off those curves with this belted dress.

Read Cardigan Empire's full Mythical Curves post here, for even more tips on how to dress your shape.

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


  1. Madeline, this is so fun. Thanks for doing this. I'm still getting used to my post-preggo body, and this little exercise helped me to realize that I am still an hourglass type figure, though it doesn't feel like it used to feel. :) I guess that's what happens. At least I got a cute baby out of it :)

  2. that dress from GO Jane is pretty awesome, modern and bohemian...i like.

  3. Amanda-
    I am glad you did your measurements and that you realize that even though you had a baby, you still have rockin curves. And you got the CUTEST baby out of it :D

    Anonymously Chic-
    I thought it was fun too. A little more winter than spring, but fun none-the-less.

  4. yay for hourglass figures. i'm curious. did you ever do the safety pin between buttons thing to keep a fitted buttoned shirt from gaping in the chest area? i remember those days fondly...

  5. Megan- I totally tried the safety pin thing, but then I usually end up with a smaller gap above and below the pin. If I buy a button up, I get it to fit the bust, and then take it in at the waist with my sewing machine. I should maybe do a post on that....

  6. Megan-This is a great post! I really liked your suggestions. When people ask me about great deals, I'll definitely send them here for ideas. Keep up the good work!

  7. Reachel-
    Thanks so much! I am so glad that you approve.... I am constantly reading Cardigan Empire for ideas. Thanks for having great idea to pilfer :)



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