Outerwear Sales

Now is a good time to buy outerwear on sale. Most stores are under the delusion that spring is on it's way, but I know that here in Salt Lake, I will be wearing a winter coat until atleast April. Here are a few deals I found to share:

BDG Breton Coat from Urban Outfitters $29.99 (orig. $128.00)

Classic Wool Coat from Victoria Secret $49.99 (orig. $128.00)

Dot Trench from Delia*s $39.99 (orig. $79.50)

Tommy Hilfiger Quilted Side Tab Coat from Macy's $35.00 (orig. $140.00)

Thanks for looking and as always,

Happy Shopping!


  1. I totally bought the coat from Victoria Secret a few weeks ago! It was a such a great deal and everyone comments on how the love it all the time!

  2. It's super cute, and I am sure that it looks great on you!


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