Must Have: Modern LDS Art

Please excuse the segway from style related posts. This weekend is the LDS church's general conference. Watching it made me think about LDS art. I love having reminders of my faith in our home, but I have a particular aesthetic that can be hard to find at Deseret/Seagull Book.

My favorite things about these modern pieces of art are the reasonable prices and the option to support an independent artist. Win-Win.

1 | Manhattan Temple & City Scape | $18 (see also Mt. Timp | Manhattan | SLC | Mesa | Houston)
2 | Salt Lake Letterpress Temple | $100 (the letterpress details are beautiful - click through to see)
3 | St. George Temple Printable | $12 (see also SLC | Bountiful | Oakland | San Diego | LA | Portland | DC | Manhattan | Laei | Logan | Manti | Mesa | Nauvoo | Newport | Provo | Seattle | Timpanogos | Draper | Boise)
4 | Utah Temples Print | $40 (I have this one and I adore it)
5 | Mormon Women | $9
6 | Salt Lake Temple Watercolor Sketch | $25
7 | Salt Lake Temple Lino-Cut | $12 (have and love) (see also Lino-Cut in Orange | Wheat & Tares)
8 | Salt Lake Temple Block Print | $20
9 | San Diego Temple Illustration | $20 (see also SLC | Gilbert | LA | Newport Beach | Oquirrh Mtn)


  1. I was browsing Pinterest for some embroidery patterns and whatnot and I stumbled across your cross-stitch sweater tutorial. Needless to say, I am completely in LOVE with your website! I follow a few other refashion sites and while they're entertaining to look through, hardly any of them were ever modest, nor were they really my style.
    Enter your site!
    Not only are your refashions ADORABLE and totally my style, they are MODEST as well! I can't say how much I love it all! Especially since you are so stylish for so cheap- a MAJOR plus for a poor college student. ;^)
    Whew! That was a long rant. Again, I love your site, and thank you for making so many cute, modest and cheap refashions. I look forward to seeing some more!

  2. i love this style! i want to buy them all even though i probably don't have enough wall space!


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