Must Have: Black and White Contrast Blouses

One of my favorite trends this spring has been the emergence of black and white contrast blouses. I am obsessed with blouses anyway because they are so forgiving of my post baby body, and I love the extra punch of the contrast.

Here are a few of my favorites (all under $40 - most under $30):

1 - Colorblocked Yoke Blouse
2 - Asymmetric Color Block White Blouse
3 - Colorblocked Crepe Blouse
4 - Half Zip Crepe Blouse
5 - Contrast Floral Lace Bib Blouse
6 - Color Block Raglan White and Black Blouse (incredibly similar to this J.Crew blouse)
7 - Color Block Zip-Up Tunic Top
8 - Natural White V-Neck Blouse
9 - Colorblocked Stripe Chiffon Blouse 

I think my favorites are #2 & #8. What about you? 


  1. I really, really want the links for #1 and #8. (seems yours link to #6 and #7) I'm leaning toward #1. Thanks!

    1. Oh no! I am so sorry. The links are all fixed!

      (Great choices by the way!)

  2. This comes at a good time because mine just got destroyed by an ink pen in the washing machine. D:


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