A Picture Is Worth {No. 9}

By fashion contributor Mary.

Today's image features another beautiful floral jacket (I still can't get over this one), but this time with more of an edge. A black bomber jacket is tough, and I love how the print gives it just a touch of sweetness. Paired with chunky accessories, black jeans (I think leather leggings would also work well), and a couple pops of color, it makes for a perfect casual and fun outfit:

The jacket that she's wearing in the image above costs more than $250, but I've recreated the entire outfit for under $115. (Now to try and recreate her hair. I mean, really, it's gorgeous.)

top, $12 || jacket, $39.99 || necklace, $10.80 || tote, $15 || jeans, $9.95 || loafers, $25.50

o p t i o n s
top: one || two || three
jeans (all under $25): from Forever 21 || from JC Penney || from H&M || from Target
shoes: for $39 || for $39.95 || for $50

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