Spied: Whimsical Garden Maxi Dress {+ 5 More Maxis with Sleeves}

Finding maxis with sleeves is really tough. I once asked a retail employee if they had any maxi dresses with sleeves in stock. He looked at me for a minute and said, "they make those?" Yes, sir. Sometimes they do.

Whimsical Garden Maxi Dress  - Forever 21 - $24.80

I tracked this dress down after spotting this very pretty picture on pinterest. I just love the feminine boho vibe.

Here are a few other pretty maxi dresses with sleeves (under $30!):

A Wear Jersey T-Shirt Maxi Dress (more than half off!)
 Cross-Front Jersey Maxi Dress (nursing friendly)


  1. These are great! I'm also determined to find a maxi dress that isn't sheer.

    1. Four of the five other dresses aren't shear. The Goddess Floral Maxi Dress is similar and pretty opaque.

  2. I had the most PERFECT 3/4 length sleeve black cotton maxi Forever 21 a few years ago and then it shrank when I dried it. Devastating. Because I've never seen one like it since! Keep these coming :)

  3. The only maxi dress I've ever really liked shrunk in the wash too. So sad!


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