Go Get It: Joe Fresh at JC Penney {No. 5}

I was so excited when I found out that Canada's fast fashion retailer was partnering with JC Penney a few years ago. I had a look around and fell head over heels for their current selection. So many crisp blouses in pretty prints at amazing prices (also known as my personal kryptonite):

1 | Trench Coat | $32.50 (Orig. $49)
2 | 3/4-Sleeve Print Peasant Top | $19 (Orig. $29) {my very favorite}
3 | Slim-Fit Brocade Pants | $18 (Orig. $39)
4 | Silk-Blend Print Shirt | $19 (Orig. $29)
5 | Dark Denim Jeggings | $19 (Orig. $29)
6 | Striped Silk-Blend Blouse | $19 (Orig. $29)
7 | Slim Print Pants | $21 (Orig. $39)
8 | 3/4-Sleeve Polka Dot Peasant Top | $19 (Orig. $29)
9 | 100% Silk Cargo-Pocket Shirt | $22.50 (Orig. $49)

Have you purchased anything from the Joe Fresh/JC Penney collab?


  1. I was just at JC Penney yesterday. There was a coupon in their ad this week for $10 off a $25 purchase. I didn't see any of this gorgeous stuff though! Thanks for posting!

  2. Yes! I love to get blouses for work there. So far, I haven't paid more than $10 for one. They have great sales on stylish pieces!

  3. I love Joe Fresh, and I am so happy they are at jcp so I can actually order their stuff. They need to get on US online ordering asap :) These are great picks. Their kids clothes are so great as well.


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