A Picture is Worth {No. 2}

By fashion contributor Mary.

I know I'm about the one millionth person to say this, but I'm ready for winter to be O V E R. (I live in the South, so you'd think I could catch a break from all the cold, but no. No no no no no.)

The image I picked for this week's post embodies everything I'm looking forward to about spring: light layers, colorful accessories, sandals. I'm practically drooling, imagining weather warm enough for strappy shoes.

Speaking of drool, did you notice the yellow leather bag and those mint heels? I mean, really. The hardest part of recreating the outfit was finding a similar top, but then I stumbled on this gorgeous J. Crew Factory blouse. It's not technically a tropical print, and it's not a button-down, but I think it has the same feel:

sunglasses {these are also awesome}
top {I think these two are great as well}
bag {this one is my favorite, and here is another good option}

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  1. OMG yes. bring summer fast! love that floral top. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. I like the shirt you found better! Nice work.


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