Must Have: French Tees

This spring I have seen a surge of french words and phrases on tees & sweaters. At first it sort of reminded of me of the notes my high school boyfriend who was proficient in french used to write me (a non-french reader, so I was left scratching my head). But now, I think they are quite charming.

Here are a few of my favorite options right now (including translations. Call me crazy but I like to know what my shirt says whether I speak the language or not.)

1. Linen c'est la vie tee  | $30 (Orig. $45) | translation: that's life
2. Pink knit sweater | $25 | translation: fabulous
3. Amour tee | $25 (Orig. $40) | translation: love
4. Soleil collector tee | $25 (Orig. $45) | translation: sunshine all year long
5. Très jolie sweater | $20 | translation: very pretty
6. Fine-knit Top | $13 | translation: I love the bad boys
7. Linen merci tee | $35 (Orig. $50) | translation: thank you
8. Jersey Top | $15 | translation: I don't care
9. Linen je t'aime tee | $45 | translation: I love you

What do think?

1 comment:

  1. I love a graphic tee no matter what! These ones are all so cute.


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