Go Get It: Forever 21 {No. 1}

I post a lot about sales. I love finding discounted gems at J.Crew and Anthro but sometimes I forget to post about retailers that have great prices all the time. I am going to start a new series doing just that. I will spotlight some of my best finds at stores like Forever 21, Target, and Old Navy.

We start with Forever 21. Here are some of my favorite things they have in stock:

1 - Posh Bejeweled Statement Necklace - $11.80
2 - Garden Chic Top - $19.80
3 - Classic Faux Suede Pumps - $15.80
4 - Bird of Paradise Blazer - $27.80
5 - Iconic Faux Leather Ballet Flats - $22.80
6 - Rich Bouquet Woven Top - $14.80
7 - Go-To D'Orsay Wedges - $32.80
8 - Feeling Festive Sequined Sweater - $22.80
9 - Striking Multi-Layer Bead Necklace - $19.80


  1. Those necklaces are great! They also have a whole bunch of kimonos on their site right now. My second peanut is due on May 5th, and I feel like a kimono would look so cute layered over nursing tanks.

  2. LOVE #3--they look like those UO ones from a while back! I've also got my eye on 5 and 9!

  3. Love this idea! Forever 21 is killing me with their shoe collection right now!

  4. great picks! loving that floral tee. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. Old Navy really has been hitting it out of the park lately! A lot of their stuff is very Madewell/J.Crew-esque.


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