This Week {No. 32}

Here are a few snapshots from this week:

pretty spring dress | simone turns 6 months
refashioned polka dot skirt | new kitchen crock

b  u  y 
these gorgeous (and comfortable) suede flats (on sale!)
this elegant quilted puff sleeve sweatshirt
this beautiful gauzy tee
this colorblocked pencil skirt (60% off)
this pretty crescent necklace
this flowy floral peplum top

c  o v  e  t 
this lovely printed blouse
this pretty emerald earrings
this beautiful striped eyelet tee

m  a  k  e
this box pleated skirt

r  e  a  d
this best selling novel

t  h  i  s    w  e  e  k  e  n  d 
unfortunately, steve's spring break has matched up exactly with my work deadline -
and we won't be able to get away. at least we can sleep in.

are you doing something fun?


  1. How do you like that floral dress? I've been eyeing it a while, ever since I saw the zara original.

    1. I was eying the Zara original too. I really like it! I'm actually surprise how much I like it. I'm posting pics on Monday!

  2. Sweet pictures! :)


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