A Picture is Worth {No. 4}

By fashion contributor Mary.

Ah, the midi skirt. Every time I think about midi skirts, I get a little bit happier. Thank goodness they're trending right now, amIright? They make feminine outfits so easy, work during any season, and look great with any top: button-ups, short sleeve tees and long sleeve tees, jackets, blouses, and {a perfect choice for spring} sweaters. This outfit, for example:

And here's how you can recreate the outfit for less than $100:

necklace, $22 || shoes, $14.98 || sweater, $9.99 || studs, $18 || skirt, $35

o  p  t  i  o  n  s
necklace: my fave || Madeline's fave
sweater: from H&M || from J. Crew Factory || from Victoria's Secret
studs: for $12.50 || for $15
skirt: one || two || three

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