A Picture Is Worth {No. 5}

By fashion contributor Mary.

Sometimes I think the easiest way to have fun with your wardrobe is to take a classic, easy outfit and punch it up with fun accessories and bold colors. This week's image is a great example of how to do just that: take your regular button-up and jeans, but then add a bold cardigan, bright skinny belt, and finish it off with a cool tassel necklace. (And a half-tucked shirt, if you're into that.)

I've recreated this outfit for just over $100. Taking into consideration the fact that most of us already have a pair of skinny jeans in our wardrobe, it would probably cost us much less to add in the remaining pieces. (Oh, and don't be fooled by what appears to be a solid blue button-up in the image below! If you go to the product page and zoom in, you can see the subtle stripe.)

jeans, $24.99 || sweater, $19.99 || belt, $12.99 || necklace, $29.95 || button-up, $14.97

o p t i o n s

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