Spied: Tiered Dress

I decided to add a new feature. Often I stumble upon something that I think is cute and is a good deal. I often overlook items like this because I don't intend to build an outfit around it, or because it doesn't apply to a reader request. I have decided that this process of ignoring cute things is a crying shame, hence the new feature "spied".

So, now you know it just means, I stumbled upon something cute that I think is a good deal and I think some of you might like it, k?

Last night, I stumbled on this:

And, it's only $22.99?! With a positive review. So, that's something.

Cocomo Tiered Dress from Overstock ($22.99)


  1. That is so pretty. It reminds me of the Thousand Tiers dress from anthropologie.

  2. Cute! I like your new "spied" idea.

  3. Where can I find some cute winter shoes that will keep my feet warm and dry for a good price?


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