Friday Wishlist: Saltwater Dress

I am going share a little secret with you guys. I write my posts the night before they display. I schedule them for 7 AM Mountain time and they magically appear while I am laying in my bed.

This is because I am not a morning person. Not at all. My coworkers who see me stumble in at 9:30 looking like a it's 6, can attest to this. This is not usually a problem. Blogger and I have an agreement. I Night Owl it up and schedule it for all the Early Birds to read, everybody wins. Last night blogger was down. Not at a reasonable hour at which I could wait for it's return either, from midnight until 2. So, readers, it's 8:00 AM on my day off and I am writing. You better love me. Grin.

On to my wishes and dreams:

Saltwater Clothing has burst on to the blogosphere lately, and it's not hard to see why. Their whole line is something to covet. I say covet, not have, because it is spendy! (Of course it is, it's Wishlist day!) I suggest you go drool over it anyway.

This little lovely is the Brush Strokes Wool Crepe Dress - £98 (or about $159.90)

What do you think? What's your object of fashion desire this week? Leave a comment.

{As seen on mary's wishlist}
Has anyone else noticed that her wishlist is becoming my wishlist? Read her blog, it's very good.


  1. Umm yeah, I want this dress! So gorgeous!!

  2. Loving Saltwater Clothing *sigh, maybe someday.

  3. okay i need to start doing that. preparing my post the night before! Smart.

  4. Yes, I have noticed, and I am flattered. :)

  5. I love Saltwater. I've been coveting their clothes for a few years now...someday, someday!

  6. I like this dress- it's pretty. I like Saltwater, too- lots of elegant options, but you're right about their price-i-ness.


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