Look for Less: J.Crew Cardigan

I saw this, and couldn't help posting it:

Cashmere Tie-Front Cardigan - J.Crew
Angora Blend Cardigan - Forever 21

I know the J.Crew cardigan is cashmere, and that is a big part of the price tag. But, if you are looking for a more reasonable alternative, I definately think this fits the bill. And I am loving the tie-waist detail.

I heart cardigans, and you should too.

Happy Shopping!


  1. I like the J.Crew one better than the F21 one. Too bad J.Crew's isn't $30!!!!


  2. I actually prefer the Forever 21 because the sleeves are 3/4. I rarely wear long sleeves even in the winter, so I'm digging the cheap one! :-)

  3. What a fantastic find! I think the F21 one will work just as nice as the J.Crew one. I would rather save money than wear cashmere these days. Thanks for the head's up!

  4. There is a cardigan similar to that at Target, in the gray and a few other colors. It's ultra comfy! Love the blog!

  5. I like that the F21 one has 3/4 sleeves. That makes it easier to wear in other seasons too!

  6. Anna- I like the way you think! I am all about versatility in my wardrobe.


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