Style Inspiration: Colored Tights

I got this email from Reva:

I ADORE the styles that the main character wears in Errand of Angels and wish I could do the colored tights look. But I don't know what the rules are for accesorizing with them - what shoes to wear, what colors with what?? Could you help me with a sample outfit I could try? Thanks so much!!

Colored tights have been all over the place for awhile now. From Gossip Girl to the runways, to the Errand of Angels (although sisters SO CANNOT wear brightly colored tights, haha).

I think colored tights are great, but I like to keep them on the understated side. If my tights are speaking loud, I let them carry the color of the ensemble. Here's an example of an outfit I would wear with colored tights:

Lace Cropped Cardigan - Charlotte Russe - $26.99
Calvin Klein Button Front Cap Sleeve Dress - Overstock - $29.99
Solid Tights - Old Navy - $6.50
Anstin Point Flat - Payless Shoesource - $19.99

What do you think of the outfit? Colored tights? If you wear them, leave your tips!

Also, here are a few links on other ways to wear colored tights (some of them are a lot more daring!)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!


  1. i really like this outfit you put together...wish i could see it on! :)

    of the links, i definitely favor the more muted outfits, and i liked the one monochromatic outfit in gold.

    life is short. and if wearing a pair of colored tights lights up your day--DO IT! and if someone laughs at you for doing it, laugh with them. most of us are just not confident enough to even try.

  2. Love the outfit you pulled together here! I actually have those tights haha =)

    I have a couple posts that include bright colored tights, and I've actually worn other colors with them. It looked fun though, not like Rainbow Brite.



  3. i just picked up a cardigan in the same color scheme from the Salvation Army!! i need to rip some sequins off, then i'm good to go!

    if i WORE tights, this'd be one of my colors! but i'd probably mix another bright into it somehow!

  4. I'm JUST getting into colored tights and I love it!

  5. Thanks so much for the advice! I had to play a musical numberat our stake conference on Saturday and I put on my new black lace Shabby Apple dress and a pair of purple tights. It felt great, and I loved the pop of color!! Thanks for giving me the courage :)


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