Check it Out

Just a few things I wanted to share with you before the weekend starts:

Sally at Already Pretty, wrote a fabulous a post on the Psychology of Enough, when it comes to shopping. I definately needed to read it, and I ate the whole thing up. (If this isn't a site you frequent, I suggest that you start; Sal has wonderful insites, and is a fantastic writer).

Shade is offering up to 40% off of some of their new fall arrivals through Monday! So, if you have been eyeing something but haven't taken the plunge, now is a great opportunity. Also, Shade wants to give new wardrobes to 5 deserving women in the community, read more about it and nominate someone, here.

Remember that fabulous cardigan Keri Russell had on in this week's look for less? Well, Susan at Freshly Picked, posted a tutorial on how to make those incredible ruffles and attach them to a cardigan of your own. Anyone up for the challenge?
{Thanks, Liz, for pointing that post out!}

Anything else you all saw and wanted to point out? Leave a comment!

Have a happy weekend!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, beautiful!

  2. thanks for mentioning my tutorial, i love your blog here, really awesome!


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