Weekend Round-Up

I have a few things to share:

First, don't forget to pick up your FREE SHIRT at Uptown Cheapskate. This deal is only good through the rest of today. Read my full post here from earlier this week.

Next, it seems Old Navy bit off a bit more than they could chew with Old Navy Weekly. According to this statement, they are altering what they do (Thanks to Amanda for sending this to me):

"Here what’s happened so far... We thought we were being sneaky hiding coupons for up to $75 and $50 off on OldNavyWeekly.com. We thought it’d take some serious snooping skills for anyone to find these fabulous coupons. Then we launched the site and over million visitors proved us very, very wrong. You all hunted and found the coupons in record time week after week and in the process even managed to shut down our site a few times due to overwhelming traffic. So, while we’re flattered by all the attention we need a little time to regroup—or rather find ways to make this game of ours a little trickier to solve. So for the next few weeks, OldNavyWeekly.com will still be updated weekly but we won’t be re-seeding the premium coupons and only hiding up to $10 off any $50 purchase. But in April, we’re bringing back the premium coupons and they’ll be in even more fabulous hiding places! So be sure to keep your hunting skills sharp! " {link}

J.Crew is giving an extra 20% off of it's final sale items through Saturday. If only I had known this before I order that sweet cardigan. So, you should take advantage of it so I don't feel so bad for missing out.

American Eagle is having a buy a pair of shorts and get one 50% off deal. They are also offering free shipping if you buy the dress of the day.

Also, the ladies over at Stuff Under Twenty wrote a blog posts that you should check out:

Three Great Stores That Some Recessionistas May Have Overlooked

And Reachel at Cardigan Empire spent the week writing posts on finds at stores other than Anthropologie:

Forever 21 - (and if you will notice she picked the same floral cardigan as I did here on Monday, just in a different color), JC Penneys, Kohl's, and one of my personal favorites, Old Navy.

If you know of any deals that you want to share, please leave a comment.

I will have a series of things under twenty all day, so check back.

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


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