Under Twenty: Gathered Sleeve Blazer

I think this is the perfect blazer to carry your wardrobe through spring and summer. It gives a professional touch to whatever you are wearing without making you look stuffy. I am seriously considering buying one right now...

Get it from the 15 Dollar Store for $15 (orig. $59.00) here.

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Have a Happy Weekend!


  1. so so so cute! (have you noticed that whenever i really like something on your blog I have to talk in multiples? strange compulsion.)

  2. When I really like something I like to put pauses between it.... like, "I. Am. In. Love." haha. I am glad you like the jacket, I just hope it will fit over the bust... I have a hard time with the top button on blazers, I am sure you have the same problem.

  3. This is a really cute jacket! And I won't have the problem of it not fitting over my bust! Since I stopped nursing I shrunk quite a bit! :)


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