Under Twenty: Aqua Cut-Out Tunic

Things Under Twenty all day!

This great top is from a store that is new to me called Ruche. I read about this in a couple of places (including Down and Out Chic and Fun, Flat Broke and Fabulous). They have really cute stuff that seems akin to Anthrpologie, at a fraction of the price tag.

Get this top for just $12.99 here.


  1. thanks for the mention! i have to stop going to that website b/c i will break my budget. happy weekend!

  2. thanks for the shout out :]

    i'm in love with ruche, i want to buy pretty much everything on there haha

  3. Thanks to both of you for sending me that direction. What beautiful things they have, and I dont even feel bad looking at them because if I bought something there I could still pay my bills (unlike Anthropologie)...


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