Weekend Round-Up

I don't have a lot of retail news to share, except my own personal triumph at Old Navy Weekly. I got a $75 off of $100 purchase (with the purchase of a dress) coupon last evening. My friend Amanda and I were working on a craft (I'll get to that) and checking the site diligently, we got in as soon as we could and clicked around like mad women, and we both got the prized possession. It wasn't easy, and they were gone very fast. But, I am so proud, I keep staring at it just to make sure it's real. And just so you all get really jealous, I have a $25 gift card to Old Navy from my credit card rewards, so I will be buying $100 worth of stuff for nothing.

I have a few DIY updates to share. My friend and old roommate, Martha, also had a chance to do the totes craft:

She said this: "{I} wanted to share the tote I did using your DYI cheaptotes.com post. I loved it. I made a couple more for my best friend, my mom and even for my baby (a diaper bag for church that isn't bulky)."

I am so glad that you were able to use the tip! Check out the DIY Tote post.

As I said, I was working on a DIY project tonight. It was the DIY freezer paper stencil project.

I bought the shirt over at the Down East Warehouse, and got the fabric paint at Michael's (in Sugarhouse). The shirt was $3, and the paint was $1.59. I used the bird image I posted for the tote bags. I love the pairing of yellow and grey (especially with my new yellow flats from Uptown Cheapskate). It probably took an hour (or would have if I hadn't been feverishly trying to get a coupon at Old Navy at the same time). Amanda also made a very cute shirt for her little girl, maybe she could email a picture of it, because it turned out great.

It was an off week for me, so I don't have a whole series of things to post this afternoon. However, I will post one great find later today, so check back.

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


  1. Thanks! Everytime I wear them I get compliments from strangers. They are so fun!


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