One Outfit and Belt Love

I have been kind of obsessed with belts for awhile, not that I have a lot of them, but that I wear them with everything. Part of this started about six months ago when I read this little post over at Say Yes to Hoboken. Below is some great J Crew inspiration on how to wear a belt with flair.

{images compiled by Liz at SYtH}

One of my favorite looks is belting over a cardigan. I like this because not only does it add something to an otherwise boring outfit, it defines a waist where a cardigan might normally obscure one. Below is a belted outfit on a budget:

Floral Cardigan from Forever 21, $24.80 - I am so in love with cardigans (I know you all know this), but my new love is a good printed cardigan. It gives a whole new umph to the concept. {I also really like this cardigan from ON.}

Woven Belt from Forever 21, $9.80

Stretch Slim Jeans from the 15 Dollar Store, $15.00

Buckled Round Toe Boot from GO Jane, $15.99

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!

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  1. great cardigan! i love cardigans but i don't have any w/pattern. i think that will have to change:)


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