Budget Swimwear

Continuing with my delusions of good weather, today I have some good swimwear deals to share. Because not everyone lives in Salt Lake where it snows until May and then spends their summers freezing in Alaska. Hopefully someone else can go lay on a beach in one of these sweet suits in my place!

J.Crew is having a wicked sale on swimwear:

1 - Solid Twist Front Halter Tank (available in 11 colors!) - $39.99 (orig. $78.00) from J.Crew

2 - Solid Halter Tank - $39.99 (orig. $74.00) from J.Crew

3 - Solid Halter Tank Top - $24.99 (orig. $55.00) from J.Crew

4 - Solid Wide Band Hipster - $29.99 (orig. $38.00) from J.Crew

5 - Solid Underwire Swing Top - $24.99 (orig. $55.00) from J.Crew

6 - Fresco Bikini Bottom - $19.99 (orig. $42.00) from J.Crew

Newport News has great deals on shaping swimwear:

Shape fx Shirred Bandeau Suit - $19.99 (orig. $49.99) Newport News

V-Neck Halter Suit - $19.99 (orig. $29.99) Newport News

Shape fx Backless Halter - $25.00 (orig. $44.00) Newport News

From Charlotte Russe and Old Navy:

Striped Tie Monokini - $26.99 from Charlotte Russe

Tribal Floral Monokini - $26.99 from Charlotte Russe

Stiped D-Ring Swimsuit - $19.50 (orig.$29.50) from Old Navy

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


  1. not a swimwear fan, especially at my current size, but that brown number in the last picture is so cute!

  2. i'm in the mood for a one piece this summer. thanks for the great suggestions.

  3. I'm not a bikini wearer, but I generally end up with a tankini. This season I too am digging one pieces, expecially the monokinis.


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